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Memory & SD Cards

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Purchase SD Card Online in Pakistan

With the new discovery in Data in everyday life, Data storage plays a significant role in human life. You may contact your data with Handsets, Digital cameras, PCs, Camcorders, iPads, iPods, e-readers as well as gaming devices. You can store large data on these devices and so you will have to make use of other external devices to store large data and one such device is memory Card.

Important points for purchasing memory cards

These Memory cards are small and portable chips that are usually used in cameras, gaming peripherals, handsets to increase the memory capacity for storage multimedia files like photos, videos and HD song.

Stored data with high capacity 32GB memory cards

You have bought a new camera and a smartphone but your buying is not complete without a memory card so that you can store more photos and videos. Most of the devices come with a basic Secure Digital (SD) card of storage capacity 3GB/8GB but this is very vital to invest wisely in a good card so that you get more storage space as well as memory. There are numerous options of memory cards available in the market and can be categorized into numerous types according to speed classes, size and other excellent features. You can collect these cards by making online shopping with Here you can easily get a 32gb memory card with high space at very affordable rate.

Diverse range OF SD CARDS

There is diverse range of the memory cards are available in the market on the basis of their storage capacity.

SD cards

SD - Basic SD cards can grip upto 2GB storage. The older models of devices may still receive SD cards.

SDHC (High Capacity SD) - SDHC cards can store among 4GB to 32GB of content. Todays, SDHC cards are being inserted in all camera and phone models as all the devices support high storage capacities.


SDXC cards are greatest recent and they can accumulation data from 32GB upto 2TB. They can be used for those devices that are compatible with SDXC standard. They are extremely priced and are rarely used as very few devices SDXC card.

Purchase micro SD card online from tambuk

Attaching a MicroSD card is the relaxed way to get more storage on your Android mobile. These cards are obtainable in different sizes with high speeds and accessories and before purchasing, you must first check that which one is well-suited with your device. There are different sizes of SD cards like micro SD card and mini cards. These micro cards are commonly used in mobile devices.

Contact tambuk for getting best Memory Card

Online shopping memory card is not easy before. Different things need to consider. At tambuk is broadly considered to be such online marketplace that offers feasibility in price ranges like SD card price in Pakistan but helps with secure and safe shipment process.

You can get to all the items in Pakistan like 16 GB memory cards with just few click of a button at tambuk. We offer online shopping with full peace and confidence.

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